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Query: Bhagavad Gita married life... What does Bhagavad Gita says about married life? What does it say to lead a happy married life?

Vijay Kumar:
Bhagavad Gita does not enumerate anything on married life. However it indulges deeply on the subject of various ashrams in life. As per the Sacred Bhagavad Gita... the initial 25 years of life is spent studying... gaining worldly knowledge that helps maintain the physical aspect of life. We enter a good profession only if we have an educational background... lest the life is spent as a daily wager.

Studying hard in the initial years of life is extremely crucial to our gaining success in the later years of life. Devoid of good education... nothing worthwhile can be achieved in this materialistic world. We need to develop a skill... become the master of our profession! Only then we can hope to live a well-settled married life.

The next 25 years are spent in Grihastha ashram (family life) when one engages self in a profession of ones choosing for fulfilling the materialistic needs of life. Married or unmarried... one needs settling down in life... earning money for our day-to-day needs! None can get away from needs of the materialistic world... every human being needs to perform ones karma... come whatever may!

Whether we marry and settle down in life or remain a bachelor... all depends upon the residual balance of karma of previous manifestations. If we marry and settle down in life... the Sacred Bhagavad Gita exerts that we must indulge in karma to fulfill our basic requirements... never beyond! Engaging in negative karma... is bound to yield negative results!

Marrying and settling down in life is a boon of God. But after marriage... excessive indulgence in things materialistic is prohibited by Bhagavad Gita. Only when human beings develop wanton desires and materialistic tendencies beyond compare... the happy life changes to a life of sorrow! In the initial stages of materialistic accumulations... one is happy... what when the results of the negative karma precipitate!

As per the Sacred Bhagavad Gita... the duty of the parents is giving best education to their children. Making them Saputa (an educated one) becomes the onus of every parent! No sooner child reaches the age of 25... When one is supposed to settle down in life after marriage... the responsibility of the parents ceases to exist!

From the 51st year until 75th... one should enter Vanprastha ashram (the period of contemplation). During this period... one must not excessively indulge in materialistic pursuits of life. Having settled the family... one must live a balanced life! In the present Kali Yuga... living a balanced life is the biggest problem. If our neighbors have a bigger car... we still want bigger!

This rat race continues on and on! The Sacred Bhagavad Gita says we must put a full stop to all comparisons and live a life of self containment! Only then one can feel true happiness from within. Materialistic possessions are only a temporal phase of life... when comes the opportune moment... we suffer on account of negative deeds performed in the past!

Those wanting to pursue the path of spirituality in the initial stages of life must never marry. Why indulge and cause problems to all! The uncharted path of spirituality demands highest level of perfection and sacrifice. While living in Grihastha ashram (married life)... pursuing the spiritual goal of life is seldom possible!

The sooner one develops a goal of life... the better! Most human beings in life never carry a goal. Their life is like a rudderless boat going round and round in the ocean. Having a well-settled goal is journey half complete. Most people we meet in life who have attained above average degree of success have a distinct goal in life!

Whether we travel the path of Grihastha ashram (married life) or follow the path of Brahmacharya Vrata... having a goal in life is a necessity! Every success in life stems from having a fixed goal in life.

Furthermore after marriage... taking care of wife and children becomes our foremost responsibility. We simply cannot leave one midway. Once we have entered Grihastha ashram (married life)... we have to perform our part of karma. We simply cannot touch the feet of our wife and child and leave the precincts of the house as did Gautama Buddha!

Karma plays a very vital role whether married or practicing Brahmacharya Vrata! One can never leave midway... whatever the reasons! The ashrams in Haridwar, Rishikesh and Varanasi full of people who left their family midway in search of God. God Almighty is never found... the religious way of life. One needs traveling the spiritual path to gain enlightenment and salvation!

While living in Grihastha ashram... the Sacred Bhagavad Gita advises indulgence in sexual matters at its minimum... at the most twice a month! In terms of Bhagavad Gita... all sexual indulgences were meant for procreation... not pleasure! The Sacred Bhagavad Gita... is the path of pure spirituality... much about the fold of physical manifest life!

If one needs following the dictates of Bhagavad Gita even while married... it is in our interest that we keep our materialistic wants within limitations... our sexual indulgences at minimum possible... all the while concentrating on rearing our children to the best of their capabilities! Indulging in a profession of choice brings happiness... the much needed internal happiness!

The mantra for life in Grihastha ashram is... live a balanced life... that is what Sacred Bhagavad Gita has to say in the matter! Following the path of spirituality even while remaining in Grihastha ashram is very difficult but not impossible! Practice of celibacy in married life is also possible provided one limits self to a maximum of two indulgences per month.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

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