2012 Year of Enlightenment

Query: 2012 year of Enlightenment... Is it true that 2012 will be the year of enlightenment? What would be India's fate and also world at large?

Vijay Kumar:
I get so many queries from world over... what would the situation of the world in 2012... It makes me wonder whether we truly are intelligent enough to be termed human beings. Why?

If the situation of the world today resulted from the karma of every single individual living on Mother Earth... then are we not collectively responsible for the bad fate that shall befall us all in 2012? Have we truly done our part of duty... or are we waiting for some good luck... an opportunity in disguise that shall never be! And why so at all!

Whatever be our destiny... nothing happens all of a sudden. The future of any country is directly governed by the mass karma enacted by the inhabitants of that country. As is the karma performed... so shall be our future... So says the doctrine of karma! We simply cannot expect mangoes to grow on a guava tree.

Why at all are we waiting for things to happen! Every single human being must perform one's duties... more so when times are bad. If we are not sincere in performing our duties... how can our future be bright! Whether we win a lottery or bad fate befalls us... all is the working of the residual balance of karma of the previous lives.

A positive residual balance of karma indicates our bright future ahead... a negative balance of karma... total doom! In the present circumstances... in the present Dark Age... the metal age we are supposed to do our best. Unless we enact the best of duties... our future would always remain bleak.

When saying these lines, "Do not think what your country can do for you... but what you can do for your country"... the most famous President of the United States of America John F. Kennedy truly knew the worth of his words. And in no time... the people of United States truly made their country America the superpower number one of the world.

It was not merely a rhetoric... it was not only the sayings of John F. Kennedy that mattered... it was the doing of every single individual of United States of America that made USA the superpower number one of the world.

As of today if the Americans fear their country is downgraded... the moral and ethical values are diminishing day by day... it is not only the president of United States of America who is to blame. We need remember... it is the masses that have elected their president. If the president falters... the whole country is bound to suffer.

To improve upon the circumstances of a country... hoping a bright future ahead of a country... the karma of every single individual of that country counts. We reap what we sow... Nothing more or less... So says the law of karma! If we wait... if the world awaits something bad to happen in 2012, we all are collectively to blame.

The world is presently passing through the worst phase in the history of mankind... termed Kali Yuga in Hinduism... a period of absolute lawlessness and chaos! Within our hearts if we truly desire improving the world situation... we need to enact our part of karma now... before it is too late! Simple prayers would not suffice... we need to act now!

Every single individual... citizen of every country must act now! A single lone human being cannot accomplish much... but whatever be our role in life... whatever be our contribution to the society... the humanity at large... the world needs it today! If we ever desire our country to be prosperous... we need to do our bit of karma now.

Indulging in positive karma (Punya karma) all the time has its benefits. Sooner or later... all of us would reap the benefits of the karma performed. This is where... the message of the Sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism plays a dominant role. We must enact karma Nishakama karma way of life... we must always act as a true trustee of God.

Truly nothing belongs to us... nothing belongs to anybody... all belongs to God Almighty... our soul atman within that resides within our heart. It is our soul atman that has manifested the body to work out its karma... remove the dross impurities within! Whatever the fruits of karma... they always belong to the soul atman within and not the body.

Getting out of the clutches of the Kali Yuga... the Dark Age... the metal age... is only possible the Nishakama karma way of life. By offering the fruits of our karma to God all the time... we not only become and behave like to human beings... we in fact become true trustee's of God... as was meant to be!

The best entrepreneur... a true karma Yogi the world has ever seen... JRD Tata all his life never made a house of his own. He believed that as everything belongs to God Almighty he was to act only as a benefactor of the society... nothing more! Acting as a true trustee of God... throughout his life JRD Tata indulged himself in developing the technological empire of India.

In the present times it is difficult to find karma yogis like JRD Tata. Andrew Carnegie the steel magnate of United States of America was also one such karma Yogi who endowed his entire wealth for opening famed libraries that exist all over United States of America. In absence of these public libraries United States would not have been as it stands today.

Be it karma yogis like JRD Tata or Andrew Carnegie... every single individual human being on Mother Earth must play ones part in life. On the contrary what happens is... most human beings desire others to live their part of life as best as possible all the while indulging self in vicious circle of life. This would not do in the present circumstances. We all have to play our part!

To think that individuals cannot improve upon the society... is wrong! Drop by drop... piece by piece... the society builds itself. So let us not wait for what is going to happen in 2012! Rather... we must busy ourselves with our part of duty which none other can fulfill.

Past 2014, the world shall witness the age of enlightenment... the stage of absolute calm... spirituality writ large on every face! If the world awaits the dawn of a new era... the golden period beyond 2014 that shall also result from the positive residual balance of karma performed by every individual in present times!

If we desire a bright future ahead... let us shun bad karma all the time. Let us collectively root out adharma (lawlessness) forever from the face of Earth. Bhagwan Kalki... the messiah of the era would not indulge in any miracles... rather he would need the support of many trusted lieutenants world over.

Being the spiritual masters of the world... India after the coming world war 3 in 2012 would gain position number one... not because the individuals of the country at present merit so. No doubt... the people of this country... the largest democratic setup of the world have suffered for long... they have practiced humility, forgiveness, patience, persistence and perseverance for long.

Come 2014... All would be repaid in golden letters. At heart... the Indians are not bad people but the governance of India is not in right hands. With the coming of Bhagwan Kalki... an Avatar of the era (God manifest in human form)... the power would transfer to the public at large. This is what democracy is all about... for the people... by the people and of the people!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani" ... One who realized self in his life time! Send your query!

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